Luca Zecchini

We are pleased to give you our best support trying to obtain, thanks to our large contribution, the best results.

We are and we will be a company, where the common interests will be predominant both in terms of collaboration assistance  and management of internal relations. All these goals we will pursue with great dedication and passion to our clients.

At Zecchini Estates we are devoted to our clients’ needs. Punctuality, competence and transparency are the key principles of our company. The different phases within real estate, such as location, purchase and sale of a property are delicate procedures, which can have a large impact on people’s lives. For this reason, we treat our clients’ desires as ours from the first call or meeting. Our team is specialized in walking you safely through all the different steps and possible complications of the operations within real estate in Italy. Zecchini Estates is here to share our expertise and advice with you, while keeping a high level of discretion and professionalism.

Zecchini Estates is focusing on the Italian Real Estate Market as well as the American and thanks to our network.

Thanks to the strong partnership with an American company Zecchini Estates will support and advice its clients in order to make the best investments and choices in New York.

Luca, after having studied at a scientific high school, he obtained his degree in employment consultancy and consequently specialized in Law. Thanks to previous consolidated experience in the real estate market ( Bologna, Milan and New York), he proudly decided to make a dream comes true. Zecchini Estates is, as a matter of fact, a new realty in the real estate market, and its aim is to provide the best advices for Italian and foreign markets.



Avv. Nicola Elia

Zecchini Estates will provide to its clients legal advisory thanks to a trustworthy professional adviser, the lawyer Nicola Elia, admitted to the Bar Association of Milan where he mainly performs his professional activities.

Nicola Elia graduated at Università degli Studi in Milan, over the years it deepens many aspects within the law field including real estate, inheritance, family and corporate. He attends many professional classes and seminars with dedication and perseverance. Both the gained experience and his academic studies allows him to deal comfortably with legal issues despite the several potential solutions due to different interpretations of the law.

The process of buying - selling a property, needs a lot of expertise and legal / tax preparation.

The lawyer will offer his professional expertise on legal issues with respect for all the involved parties.


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