Sell with us

Why Zecchini Estates?

We would like to be your trustworthy counsellor in the selling - rental field;

We empathize with our clients that are preparing themselves to deal with the real estate market;

We strongly believe in building trustworthy and future oriented relationships with our clients;

We will evaluate each single property in details by using the most sophisticated and accurate electronic and paper tools. We would like to offer yout the most comfortable and responsible advice in order to support you as well for large dwillings properties in terms of hectares of ground. For this reason, we will trust first rate societies exclusively oriented to expert reports /value assessments;

We will walk by your side by evaluating every documentary aspect in order to allow speedy as well as accurate leases and sales;

We are enthusiastic about the idea of following each step with you with passion and accuracy, we will do our best to conceive you the best solutions based on your actual needs;

We strengthen in order to have all the business licenses in order to work very transparently;

 Each of our partner has a very professional and highly qualified background (bachelor and masters degrees, MBAs and professional licenses associated to professional courses);

We trust professionals in all kind of areas, such as lawyers, notaries and surveyors that, professionally will lead and deliver the best counselling and solutions in each negotiation phase;

Collaboration is a successful key for our business and it is indeed in our DNA /IDENTIKIT, our goal is to let your property be unique and sharing it possibly on both Italian and foreign markets. Our primary aim is to step out for you by being your reference point for each and single need;

We will assist you through to the final stage of deed and in drafting rental contracts in deep details so that every aspect of the negotiation will be covered;

Milan represents the core business of our activities nonetheless we are strengthening our business in other  relevant cities such as Milan and Florence;

We believe enormously in our expertise and our Team’s capabilities to support you at our fullest;

Rely on those who are devoted to listen and take care of your real estate needs.